Walsh Fell Shoes available from Mega-Grip

Walsh fell shoes are the best mountain and fell running and orienteering shoes money can buy. Now they are available over the internet via this site.Walshs are now legendary in fell running, but also pretty good for crag approach shoes, or for mountain biking. Other fell shoes have come and gone, Walsh carry on as ever, and are de rigeur amongst outdoor people.

One of the resaons that they are the best is because Norman Walsh has been making athletics shoes for over 50 years, first for Foster Brothers of Bolton.   Norman started his own business in 1961 in asmall corner of his father's shoe repair shop. His experience was in some part due to him regularly working an 80 hour week. Norman decided to retire and sell the business in 1996, though he is still a consultant to the company (now in the capable hands of Dennis and Jon Crompton).

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Norman Walsh making hand sewn running shoes for the 1948 Olympic Games.

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Shoe Model


PB Trainer MkII

Best selling Fell shoe with support rand

PB Trainer

The old favourite

PB Racer

Lightest shoe on todays market

Raid MK II

Trail/X-country/mountain biking shoe


Cross Country Spike


Excellent All Terrain Shoe

new.gif (1102 bytes)Nimbus

General everyday trail shoe

new.gif (1102 bytes)Ridge Runner

Running /walking ridge shoe


All Boots have support rand
PB Trainer MkII Leather Upper, PB sole
Raid MkII Leather Upper, Raid sole
Fellsman II Leather Upper, V. Ripple sole
Fell Clothing
PB Waist Packer Bum bag in red, blue, green
PB Fell Trousers Lightweight running suit
PB Fell Jacket Lightweight running suit
Tek Stretch Pants Fast drying, two way stretch
Walsh clothing Available in 2000

Walsh also make an extensive range of Rugby, Cricket and Football boots, Squash and Lacrosse shoes. Click on this Walsh hyperlink above toget to the Walsh site after bookmarking this site


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