Megagrip Rope Bags/Sac

 We now stock Ocun rope bags

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Big Pocket for stowing keys and wallet, perfect for climbing walls

  • Big enough for 50 meter rope, clips, harness and rock boots.
  • Shoulder straps to carry the bag on your back, or front (if you have another sac with other gear in)
  • Centrally balanced Carry Strap so you do not have to use the Shoulder Straps
  • Ground sheet with two ties, one for each end of your rope - Good-bye to  coiling your rope or getting it into twists
  • Large zipped pocket, big enough for wallet, keys, make up, mobile phone (what is climbing coming to ?) An ideal feature  for Climbing Walls were you always wonder were your money for a drink is, or where you have put your car keys.
  • British Made (few things are these days).
  • Nice adrenalin Dragon Crest or Megagrip logo.
  • Excellent price 22.99 Sterling, 55 Euros or $35.99 for one bag. email us with your order  (include quantity, your address, telephone number and we will email you back with the cost of postage)

Email your enquiry

    We can print your Climbing Club, Climbing Wall or Retail Shop  logo on the Rope Bag as well (minimum order for own label printed rope bags is 20,  (the Rope Bags are at discounted price for own label). Email us for details

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60m rope, harness, clips and rock boots fit in the sac

Chalk Bags can be embroidered with your Climbing Club, Gymnastics Club, Climbing Wall or Retail Shop Logo. email us for more info.

Chalk Bags Personalised Club/Wall/Shop Logos

    These are quality hand made bags with thick pile lining to retain chalk dust more. They are shaped to help prevent chalk balls tipping out. Wide variey of fabrics available.    


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