Caving Helmet 23.50 and Speleo Technics  Lighting System

The Rock Eco climbing helmet can be adapted to be used for caving with the amazing Speleo Technics FX lighting system. However please read and understand the note regarding modification of helmets that appears just below. The helmet price is 23.50. Price of the lighting system will be on the site soon, please ring if lights are urgently required.



Individual cavers do not have to comply with a specific standards to the best of our and other suppliers knowledge. Personal choice is the key factor regarding fitness for purpose in an underground environment. Two holes need to be drilled to mount the lamp bracket, two holes to the rear to thread the battery holding strap. Do not assume that a climbing standard CE marked  EN 12492 means that the helmet is approved for caving.  UIAA standards were developed for mountaineering , not for caving. The drilling holes into a helmet technically invalidates its certification as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Providing the holes are drilled sensibly (e.g. not too close to the edge of a helmet, not too large)- then there is unlikely to be any adverse effect on the overall strength and consequently protection offered, but clearly this cannot and is not guaranteed by any helmet manufacturer. So if you choose to modify a helmet to this speleo purpose then you must be aware before you proceed, and fully accept any potential risk that ensues. 

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UK Post and Packing on Helmets is 4.50

Please contact us and tell us the number you are interested in for freight cost on more than 1 helmet.

The other climbing helmet that may be suitable for mounting a light on is the Rock Combi . It has a different design and venting system that some may prefer.

Another solution to mount a caving light without drilling. That involves using the Speleo Technics Light Cradle (info on the site soon or ring us). Click Speleo Technics link to see their site.

Industrial users for example fitters, builders rope access technicians  may have a legal requirement to wear protective headwear that meets a specific standard such as the one for industrial protective helmets that meet CE EN 397 . If you fall into this category please check out our Industrial Rock Combi 397.

Other helmets used for caving Rock Combi

Climbing Helmet Rock Climb Eco

Climbing Helmet in mould technology Rock Climb

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