Climbing Harnesses from 30.00!!

Climbing Harnesses from 30.00. Climbing gear by Ocun provides the best value for quality climbing gear in the UK. The climbing gear combines quality of manufacture more than comparable with some better known name, but. we keep our overheads down, and by manufacturing in the Czech republic. Quality, good price and CE certification are  integral. Also we keep climbing gear and climbing harnesses costs down in the UK by not advertising or having teams of sales reps visiting shops and climbing walls. The quality of our climbing harnesses speaks for itself, we have not cut corners in materials, or manufacturing details. If you are not happy when you buy one, return the unused harness within seven days with its purchase details  and we will refund your money.

Ocun from Czech Republic

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Zeptor multi-purpose with adjustable leg loops, 37.60 

The Mojo, 34.00 highly adjustable child specific FULL BODY climbing harness.

The Bodyguard 36.75 Full Body Harness for older children and adults

Quattro- 47.00 -Top of the range alpine harness comparable with other harnesses that cost 60 +, double waist buckle, adjustable leg loops, two sizes fit all ( XS-M, and L-XXL)

Newton Climbing Harnesses  - 38.30 One size fits most padded harness for beginners, schools, outdoor pursuits centres, families.

The Gym, a one size centre harness with fast adjust Safe Clip buckles 34.00

Mescal Climbing Harness - Fully padded, non adjustable leg loops 30.00.  XS,  M, 

Zeeper  -Climbing Harness- Fully padded, adjustable leg loops 32.00. Sizes XL, XXL

The CREST from Elloit- 32.00 fully padded, adjustable waist and  leg loops, traditional buckles on waist and leg. 




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