A silicone putty used widely for therapy and finger training, preferred by some to exercise balls.  There is a low risk of injury with Pump Putty, The Eggscersisers  when compared with mechanical devices which can over strain individual joints and tendons.

Pump Putty is available in Blue- firm and Yellow - soft in stock 

The Pump Putty is on special offer for only 5.00 Sterling, 7.50  + 1.20 Post and Packing.

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  You can ring us on +44 (0)1457 87 8875, fax +44 (0)1457 87 1493.

If you do not receive an email reply within two days, please ring to check if we have received it.

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We will email you back with payment details and with what the Post and Packing will be.

Caution- Excessive use of any hand exercise devices, such as the ones available on this site, may cause hand or arm fatigue. Use care while exercising. Consult your clinician if soreness or inflammation occurs. 

Ask your clinician to approve all rehabilitative exercises and recommend the length and intensity of use.


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