Block Chalk, Chalk Balls, Strapping Tape

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Pure top quality block chalk, as used by thousands of athletes. Packed in boxes of 8

2 ounce blocks Magnesium Carbonate, 8.00 a box, 12 Euros or $12.50

Trade enquiries welcome for case or half case quantities

Chalk Balls

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Gymnasts/ Climbing chalk (Magnesium Carbonate) compressed into a convenient dispensing ball. The chalk is squeezed onto your fingers and it reduces sweating. Chalk balls are a lot less messy than loose chalk and block chalk, and chalk balls last a lot longer. than block or powder chalk. Goolies enable you to have your own personal supply of chalk in a convenient carry ball.

Many climbing walls insist on climbers using chalk balls, ours our made so that you get the best compromise between containing chalk pollution, and being able to get sufficient chalk on your hands to stop you sweating. This is achieved by us by having a professional manufacturing set up, with a careful balance between mesh size and level of powder compression.

Two sizes 50 g small or 80 g large

  Sterling Euros Dollars
Small 1.99 2.99 2.99
Large 2.99 4.50 4.65

We manufacture chalk balls ourselves, so we can make differnt weights if required. We can make your own label balls. We ship chalk balls all over the world.

Finger Tape

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Finger tape helps support tendons and protect against jamming scars, and is of great use bouldering.  X-Tape is especially made for support immobilization. It has a proven skin friendly adhesive, and the tape is easily tearable in both width and length. X-tape has applications in many sports. You must seek correct professional advice (from a physiotherapist) on how to tape up, especially if you have an injury. The tape comes in three widths  1.25 cm, 2.5 cm, 5 cm.and it comes in big 10 meter rolls.





1.25 cm wide 10 m




2.5 cm wide 10 m 2.99 4.50 4.65
5cm wide 10 m 4.50 6.75 6.99

Email your enquiry, we will work out postage and confirm prices.

Trade accounts please email us for trade quantity and prices.


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