Mega-Grip Application

Applying Mega-Grip  

The original Mega-Grip has now been replaced by Mighty Grip and Liquid Chalk

The original page has been left on for curiosity's sake and to highlight the issue of visual pollution on natural rock and boulders, and the dust problem caused by chalk (even chalk balls) at indoor walls. Liquid chalk and Mighty Grip both address these problems


Mega-Grip forms a coating on your hands that stops sweating and minimises the need to chalk up.


Think of the rock and use Mega-grip to reduce visual chalk pollution

Gritstone without chalk stains

Grit-stone as it should look, without the visual pollution of chalk.. Using Mega-Grip helps reduce visual chalk pollution

Mega-Grip  User Information Mega-Grip radically improves friction, it virtually stops your hands sweating. Some people find that they do not need to use chalk at all with Mega-Grip on their hands. You can use Mega-Grip on its own for bouldering, or as a base for chalk on long routes, using it means you have to chalk up less . Please educate and inform other climbers you know about Mega-Grip, and help do something about chalk pollution on the wall and the crags. • Shake the bottle before you put some on. Close bottle to prevent drying up (it is alcohol based, hence the nice smell !) • Apply it thinly, just spread it on your hands, do not "over rub" it in. You do not need much. • Let it dry, it leaves a thin white coating on the fingers. This is harmless to people, it does not affect, damage, or leave a large deposit on rock or climbing wall holds, so Mega-Grip is extremely eco-friendly. • One application is often enough for at least a route, or several problems. The time it lasts obviously varies with the individual, but MEGA-GRIP is quick enough to re-apply on a belay, or before you start a route, Dust off your hands when you re-apply it. Using MEGA-GRIP means that you don't have to worry as much about chalking up in the middle of a sequence of moves, and you can therefore concentrate on the climbing. Chalk pollution is a major problem on climbing walls and on the crags. Brushing chalk off boulder problems and holds accelerates erosion, and chalk on real rock holds is unsightly visual pollution. Chalk is even banned on some crags, and has been known to create offense in some sensitive conservation areas. Help reduce potential health problems caused by chalk on walls, and the problem of wondering what colour hold you are to pull/stand on because it is caked in chalk. Using Mega-Grip helps. Don't forget to dust off the hands before you re-apply Mega-Grip. In the extremely unlikely event of a sensitive reaction on to Mega-Grip, wash it off and stop use immediately. Do not use on broken skin. It may be a good idea to test a small area if the climber has sensitive skin. For external use only.


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